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“Let me start by saying that we thought that we would be able to configure and print quality outputs from our new Epson 11880 merely by reading the manual and through sheer experimentation. After many hours of trial and ERRORS we found that this belief was not going to work. The amount of wasted time and supplies soon made us realize that we desperately needed some serious help. Luckily the vendor we purchased our Epson from had a wonderful contact with the qualification to calibrate our equipment by the name of Matias Bilbao. We quickly contacted Mr. Bilbao and made arrangements for him to come and review our situation and offer his services. It soon become clear that our understanding about producing quality outputs from our piece of new equipment has insufficient in comparison to breathe of knowledge and experience that Mr. Bilbao provided. Mr. Bilbao is a true professional and his knowledge and understanding of the entire high-end inkjet printing process is unsurpassed by anyone in the field. Within a few hours he had calibrated our equipment so precisely that degree of difference between what was displayed on my monitor and what actually printed out on our new Epson with negligible. We knew that our Epson was an amazing piece of equipment but we had no idea how good it was until Mr. Bilbao came and resolved our calibration problem. Today we produce the best outputs our equipment can provide along with reduce costs in inks and materials. Along with his help in calibrating our epson Mr. Bilbao produced a series of support tutorials that he specifically created for us to use as reference for all the many configurations he made. If you or your company has had issues or have wondered if the equipment that you are using could possibly produce better results, I STRONGLY suggest that employ the services of Mr. Bilbao. I promise that you will wish that you had done so sooner. To truly unlock the full potential of our equipment I can think of no other person that I would call than Matias.” ~ Peter Amato Creative Director / Supervisor Print Services Jari-Research July 19th, 2008
“I’ve been in business for 10 years and Matias has saved me from a lot of heartache, headaches, and wasting a lot of off-colored, unusable prints in the early stages of my work. Before I met Matias, color management was beyond my comprehension. Matias gave professional guidance in setting up my office monitors and printers. His thorough knowledge of matching color from monitor to print has helped me through solving the color-matching problems between our printers – with beautiful results. I’ve been using his color-matching system ever since.” ~ Stephanie Adler, Artist ; March 31, 2012
I highly recommend his services. He’s personable , knowledgeable and a great asset when it comes to getting it right the first time. Two thumbs up!” ~ Thomas Bollinger, Photographer ; March 31, 2012
“We had a high profile client that needed exact color match on a series of hardcover books to match offset work from another source and Matias / Yellowcase hit the target exactly. This highly demanding client was very impressed with the work and Yellowcase made us look very good! The job was for the presentation books for the naming rights of a professional sports stadium and Matias worked well behind the scene to make the project a graphics hit! ~ Barry Aronson, Atlantic Binding and Laminating, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; March 30th, 2012
“I have used Matias for both his color management expertise and for the superb quality of his fine art printing. He is, I feel, best in class, when it comes to color and printing. His attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of state of the art technologies, and professionalism have all been reasons why I had never had to look elsewhere when it came to my color management and printing needs. Matias cares about his clients and is passionate about color…all admirable traits which are nowadays all too rare . I highly recommend Matias to anyone or any company which is looking for a trusted and professional resource in color management expertise and the highest level of fine art printing.” ~ Tom Biondo, Creatve Director at The Royal Group, Miami,FL ; February 26, 2012
“Matias is simply the best I’ve seen over a 20 year period! He color collaborating our HP flat beds when HP themselves couldnt get it right, if you are looking to get the best results from your color department, Matias is the call you need to make. Wonderful work!!” ~ Elhmer Rhodes, President at Cross Rhodes Reprograhic ; February 20, 2012
“I was thoroughly pleased with the print matching talents of Mr. Bilbao and the proper setup of my color monitors and printer profiles.His promptness and attention to detail was superior. I would highly recommend Mr. Bilbao for your color management service” ~ Richard Waas, President at Waas Construction Co., Inc. February 14, 2012
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Perfect Color all the time

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The most common problem we see when we first visit a new location is the tremendous amount of test prints per order that are either laying out on a table or sitting in the trash. If you find your team making test prints, then adjusting colors over and over to achieve an acceptable print, we can help. When your RIP is properly calibrated you will achieve accurate results that match your file on the first print.
A file should look the same when printed a month, six months or two years from today without any difficulties.
It is easier to invest in hardware than in know-how. We understand. But hardware doesn’t solve everything. The more uncalibrated hardware devices you have, the more waste you have and the more money you are losing. Reduce frustrations and stress by automating many of the most critical but repetitive tasks.
Knowing your costs is rule #1 of business 101. With Caldera you can track your consumable costs. You will know to the cent how much you are spending in media and ink and you can even include the waste that will be trimmed in the calculation.
We can calibrate your medias for each of your printers to not only achieve a match across devices, you will also save a considerable amount of money in ink.

If you are interesting in learning more or in scheduling a personal demo, please  contact Barry Wright at 407-952-6961 or email us at

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Classes of  less than 12. Small dedicated workshops in Caldera RIP software, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and more are scheduled regularly.

Unlike other seminars that stack participants by the dozens into empty corporate rooms, Yellowcase is committed to the experience of small, comfortable class sizes for workshops designed to teach you step by step so you can practice what you learn and come back with questions. It is never too lateto dedicate some time to making your life easier and becoming more efficient and less frustrated. From tips and tricks, to complete step by step classes on a range of digital software, Yellowcase is ready to get you up to date.

There are currently no workshops scheduled. Please check back later.

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Hard DriveRecovery

Your entire business relies on your data. We recommend always backing up your data using an automated software such as Apple’s free Time Machine software. The unfortunate reality is that hard drives are like any other sensitive piece of electronics, they can fail, and when they do your business is in jeopardy. But do not despair (too much), your data can be recovered. Let us help. We have partnered with the best data recovery company in the country. Click on the logo below to start your order.


We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner

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